Welcome To Frausun Media Productions

Experimental film, Underground movies, music videos, documentaries, feature-length independent film, and short films, based in Dallas, Texas.


Focusing on digital filmmaking, with an emphasis on symbolism, adult film and experimentation, Frausun Media Productions is always working on film projects that break new ground and challenge the concepts of traditional art.

Who We Are

Kurtz Frausun


Award-winning (London Film Awards 2013), Dallas, Texas experimental filmmaker & D/FW musician Kurtz Frausun, based in Addison, Texas, began in music and branched into filmmaking years later. He's also a member of the International Association of Press Photographers.

Shereja Rage


Shereja Rage has been in the world of bbw adult modeling and acting for almost a decade with credits spread over the breadth of the adult community in both photo sets and film. Her style is sensuality and passion in one perfect package of sexual dynamite.

A timeless beauty, Shereja's natural 44H breasts will please anyone, and from head to toe this bombshell of a woman is absolutely gorgeous in every conceivable way. A soft voice, a wicked smile and a body to please makes Shereja Rage the delightful woman she is.