Experimental film, Underground movies, music videos, documentaries, feature-length independent film, and short films.



Award-winning Dallas, Texas experimental filmmaker & D/FW musician Kurtz Frausun, based in Addison, Texas, creates a variety of Underground films in DFW, including LGBT films, documentaries, short films, and music videos with his crew of professionals.

A small film making company, focusing on digital filmmaking, with an emphasis on symbolism and experimentation, Frausun Media Productions is always working on film projects that break new ground and challenge the concepts of traditional art.


Frausun Media Production's Latest Project

This story revolves around struggle and loss, the inner battle of perception leading to unexpected vengeance that perpetuates unending war between the Empire and the Rebels. The Balance In Blood challenges the viewer’s own perceptions of conflict. From Frausun Media Productions: www.frausun.com