Welcome to Studio | Frausun

An Irving, Texas photography studio featuring the work of Kurtz Frausun and other artists. The space is also a small party venue available for rent, for weddings, parties, corporate events, and more. If you'd like to learn more about our multi-purpose, unusual facility, and beautiful event venue, click here.

Studio | Frausun creates experimental films, underground movies, gay films, music videos, documentaries, feature-length independent film, and short films, as well as black and white erotic photography. Focusing on digital filmmaking and photography, with an emphasis on symbolism, erotica and experimentation, Studio | Frausun is always working on film projects that break new ground and challenge the concepts of traditional art.

We also offer web design, SEO, social media promotions, marketing and other digital services. For more information, click here.

Owner and Operator
Lead Photographer & Filmmaker

Kurtz Frausun

Owner and Operator

3 time Award-winning (London Film Awards 2013, Straightjacket Film Festival 2017, Q Cinema 2017), Irving, Texas experimental filmmaker & D/FW musician Kurtz Frausun, based in North Texas, began in music and branched into filmmaking years later. He's a graduate of Southern Methodist University, a board member of BeArtitude, a 501(c)(3) non-profit LGBTQ+ organization which unites a diverse community of local artists, academic researchers, and public and private organizations, to create positive change through art, music, and other artistic endeavors. He is also a member of the International Association of Press Photographers.



gallery Director

Studio Director

Louisiana native born of Shreveport, Alicia discovered her passion for beauty, fashion, and creativity at a young age. She has a degree in cosmetology, and after finishing school, she began fashion design, leading her to DFW. Supporting creativity in whatever form is what Alicia believes in and as studio director will continue to stand behind all creatives with a desire to tell their story.


Camera Operator

Lead Camera Operator/Assistant

Ivan is an American born writer who spent most of his childhood overseas. Educated at Texas Wesleyan, and served in the FFL 3 R.E.I., he has been a student of history and economics most of his life. He is a published author and featured in several periodicals, as well as the publisher of Battleline News, a newspaper focused on the paintball community.


seo social media

SEO / Social Media Promotions


drone operator

Drone Operator

Scott has been providing North Texas with creative, unique and cinematographic still and motion imagery for over 20 years using high definition cameras and professional editing software.




Ethan is a writer, director, actor, photographer, and editor, who also likes to pretend that he can sing. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Radio and Television from Texas A&M University-Commerce and is currently working on getting his Social Misfits Universe made into a series for his production company Slightly Slammed Productions.