Experimental Music Video Peacock

An artist searches for his Muse in a surrealistic landscape of haunting masked characters, sexual deviancy, and romantic poetry, framed as a video diary. In the diary, the nameless protagonist enters a somnambulistic world, meeting and parting with mysterious women who he hopes will inspire his greatest works. Colorful, multi-layered Rorschach-inspired backdrops are the landscape for unusual characters, such as a monk whose origami comes to life and a nude woman with hooks in her chest, where attached strings are plucked by peacock feathers to create symphonic sounds. As the main character wanders this formidable landscape, the story jumps from the linear to the surreal, but always maintaining the deeply personal message of seeking love and inspiration among madness and psychic vampires.


Winner. Best Actor: Kurtz Frausun


London Film Awards

What the critics are saying:

"The film constantly blurs the lines between visual expression, story, and pornography - simultaneously becoming difficult to watch and impossible to tear your eyes from."

London Film Review

"...an alienating and mystifying film..."
"self indulgent nonsense...unconnected series of constantly flashing colours, noises and naked writhing"

Strangers In A Cinema

"...an acid-soaked, trippy style with images being doubled and colors everywhere...I just didn’t get it."

Rogue Cinema

"...any viewer might be best advised to simply surrender themselves to what is happening aurally and visually."

Beach Sloth

"Constantly shifting textures of dots, rose petals, clouds, etc., add to the visual density. Explicit sexual imagery woven into the textures adds a feeling of intoxication and adventure."

Film Threat